Below are links to some of Alix Lee's artwork, articles, and tutorials...

go to the Taiwan Experience on Amazon The Taiwan Experience is a trilogy of books on Taiwan's peaceful evolution from dictatorship to democracy. Read Book One: The Seeds of Democracy here in either Kindle or paperback format. You can read the Introduction here for free.
go to True Tales of A Traveller True Tales of A Traveller is a series of several dozen travel, adventure, and misadventure stories covering over three decades. You can read the first story here for free, the second story here for free, and the seventh story here.
go to Various visual arts things (traditional media artwork, digital design work, photos, etc.) by Alix Lee on the artwork sharing site DeviantArt.
go to Alix Lee's Viewbug page Just the Alix Lee photos currently on the photo contest site Viewbug. About 250 shots; various different subjects and countries.
go to Alix Lee's Photo Travelogue index page Just the Alix Lee photos currently available for purchase on Getty Images. Mostly travel and landscape images.
go to Alix Lee's 500px home page A wide selection of Alix's photos of various subjects from various locations over the years is available on the photography website (currently over 800 images, including Galleries).
go to YouPic Largely similar to the 500px collection, but not identical (about 900 pics)...
go to Public Domain Pictures Public domain photos and artwork, including over 40 traditional media images, all free for re-use without restriction. You can even pretend you did them yourself!
go to Fabulous Formosa Fabulous Formosa is an in-depth, image-oriented guide to Taiwan and its outlying islands. Coming soon...
go to My Opinion Site Alix talks about life, the universe and everything. Formerly, the content of the site is now being restructured to fit on this site..
go to Martial Arts Tutorials page Some free martial arts tutorials in pdf format for the reference of martial artists or anyone interested in the basic principles of traditional martial arts.
go to Alix Lee's You Tube channel Kata demonstration videos available on YouTube and Daily Motion. Currently 10 videos available for viewing or download, covering 14 katas and related exercises.
go to DaAi TV channel Alix featured in a 2017 (Chinese language) TV documentary about local people building and maintaining hiking trails (mostly in the second half of the film).