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Alix lee, Editor

Editor: Alix Lee

If you like Media Showcase, and you would like to keep it operational, free to users and free of advertising, please consider making a small contribution towards the maintainance and development of the site.

Media Showcase is a one-man operation. All the artwork, and most of the photos, are by myself, Alix Lee (those images not by myself are all public domain, but also accredited where authorship is known). Site design and other content and the updating of this site is also by myself. Hopefully, with your support, I will also be able to produce visual arts tutorials people find useful. All this is made available for re-use by anyone who finds the material useful, whether they are invovled in the visual arts or not. As a fully-functioning (well, just about) human being, and not merely a cyberspace entity, I'm also subject to all the needs of other humans, such as food and shelter, so an income is a necessity. Although Media Showcase is a non-profit site, if it's also a non-income site, it can't remain operational. The work I do, freelance, barely covers my basic living expense, and doesn't leave me any extra time to dedicate to developing this site. While the site itself is low-budget, it isn't without costs, and if I wish to have time available to dedicate to the site's development, that needs to be taken from regular work, which means the income from that regular work needs to be replaced -- very simple economics. Any contribution, of any size, is therefore greatly appreciated, as every little bit helps to make Media Showcase economically viable and keep it running. Payments made from this page are processed securely by Paypal, without the need to open a Paypal account. Thanks for your help.

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