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Guidelines for Submission

Articles: Articles must be between 800 and 2,500 words in length.

Comments: Comments can be of any length up to 200 words.

Accepted Content: No content is out of bounds, provided it would be suitable for publication in a general national newspaper.

Content not Accepted: Insults and abuse of any kind will not be published either in Articles or as Comments. Arguments must be presented in a coherent way which any educated layperson would be capable of understanding, without consulting dictionaries.

Tips for Submission: Make your submission via the link at the bottom of the Home Page. If you have written your Article in a separate document, just copy and paste it into the text field. Do not send links and don't bother with formatting, as all Articles will be published with the same formatting. Keep the above points in mind when making your submission. If your submission requires the use of specialist terms, please keep these to a minimum and provide short explanations of the meanings where possible. Should too many technical or specialist terms be used in an Article, the Editor reserves the right to replace them with more generally understood terms.

Copyright: Copyright of Articles published on My Opinion Site remains with the Article's author. As Commnents are too short, they cannot be copyrighted (the probibility of a Comment being repeated word for word elsewhere by chance is too high).