Below is a list of short kata demonstration videos available for training purposes. There are currently 10 videos available for viewing or download, covering 14 katas and related exercises. These videos alone are unlikely to be sufficient to learn from (although they may be fine as refreshers for people who have learnt them previously), but should give you an idea of what is involved, from which you can decide whether or not you want to learn them

go to Media Lien-bu Chuan. This is usually the first or the second form learnt in northern Shaolin martial arts schools (Chang Chuan). Short and straightforward, it nevertheless contains fundamental moves and concepts.

go to Alix Lee's Photo Travelogue index page Gung-li Chuan. The ideal follow-on from Lien-bu Chuan, Gung-li Chuan contains a formidable array of skills. With its fast, open and flowing moves, it's expands the practitioner's skill considerably, while at the same time being a pleasure to practice.
go to Fabulous Formosa Mai-fu Chuan (Part 1). Mai-fu is a lower intermediate form split into two parts, or 'routes', which share a number of characteristics (meaning that once one has been learnt, the other will become easier to learn). Full of sweeping actions, it requires a certtain degree of physical fitness.

go to My Opinion Site Mai-fu Chuan (Part 2). The second part of the complete Mai-fu Chuan form. Coming soon.

go to Martial Arts Tutorials page Basic Stances introduction. This video demonstrates a few of the most basic, generic, martial arts stances. Useful not only for students of martial arts that don't include stance practice, but for anyone interested in improving lower-body flexibility and circulation, stability, and sense of centre of gravity.

go to Alix Lee's You Tube channel WTF Taeguk Forms 1 to 3. This video covers the first three forms, or poomse, of World Federation Taekwondo, the most popular and internationalised system.

go to Alix Lee's You Tube channel WTF Taeguk Forms 4 to 6. This video covers the fourth, fifth and sixth forms, of World Federation Taekwondo. The first eight forms are required learning for first-level black belt students.

go to Alix Lee's You Tube channel WTF Taeguk Forms 7 and 8. This video covers forms 7 and 8 of World Federation Taekwondo. Useful for students training for their first black belt, or for ex-students who just want a refresher.

go to Alix Lee's You Tube channel Panlong Staff. Panlong ('Coiled Dragon') is a short set of dynamic, sweeping and thrusting movements. The full form should take only 30-35 seconds at normal speed. Nevertheless, it needs to be executed with precision, as well as speed.

go to Alix Lee's You Tube channel Hongmen Staff. Hongmen Staff is a short, easy-to-learn staff form which is intended as an introduction to the staff skills of Hong Chuan (Hung Gar). Having mastered this staff form, you will be able to go on to more complex staff skills, like those in Hong Chuan's Bagua Staff.

go to Alix Lee's Daily Motion channel Kunwu Staff. Shaolin Kunwu staff is a lower intermediate-level staff form. It's fast, contains a variety of important staff skills, and is thoroughly enjoyable to practice.